Apple Inc. A job worth keeping

In today's society, Apple is an industry leader in technology. Employment at Apple reaps an extreme amount of benefits, but three benefits in particular are most important to me.

A. About Apple

B. Industry Growth and Relevance

C. Employee Satisfaction and Network

D. Community Philanthropy/Outreach

Three popular retail items Apple prides itself on.

About Apple

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the ambition to sell small computers. Their revenue exceeded 215.6 billion dollars this year, as they continue to beat projections by selling computers, phones, watches, etc... Apple's growth as a company shows consistency mostly because of their main values, which are inclusion and diversity.

Industry Growth and Relevance

With an expected growth of 5 percent consistently throughout the next few years, the technology sector presents a strong market for job growth. Over 6.7 million Americans are employed in the technology industry, which is a big percentage of our economy. With an increased growth of industry comes more opportunities to be successful. The technology sector accounts for 7 percent of the national GDP, so it clearly is a relevant industry, and will stay that way for years to come. Apple owns the largest market cap in the United States at 592.6 Billion dollars.

Current CEO: Tim Cook

Employee Satisfaction and Network

Apple prides itself on employee satisfaction, which is a major benefit in my eyes. Glassdoor rates Apple as the 22nd best company to work for with a rating of 4.0/5. Apple's employees also approve of their boss Tim Cook, as he has a 95 percent approval rating. Also, nearly 78 percent of employees would recommend their job to a friend, which is a high number. Furthermore, the Retail Financial Analyst position I would be interested in pays upwards of 90,000 dollars to start. This position also presents many networking opportunities to build my career around.

Community Philanthropy/Outreach

Under new CEO Tim Cook, Apple has donated nearly 50 million dollars to Stanford University hospitals and medical research. In total, Apple's charitable contributions exceeded over 150 million. This is largely in help to the employee donation program, which states Apple will match any employee's donations of up to 10,000 dollars a year. This program is something I'm extremely interested in, and if I worked at Apple I would donate yearly in support of the program.

Old Apple logo that was in use for 22 years.

These three categories make Apple a company I wish to work for. Although there are a plenty more benefits Apple offers its employees, I believe the ones listed above are most beneficial for my career path.


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