Lindsey Sinisi Structures 1 spring 2017

The first project was to create a cube weighing one pound and support it by using only dowels and string and no glue. My partner and I strove to create a design that was clean, elegant, and still intriguing. Its extreme cantilever provides a shock to the viewer, making it seem that the impossible had been achieved, the cube is floating.
Project One: The Cube
The second project was to create a bridge with a free span of 21 inches using only 1/8 inch dowels. My partner and I strove to create the strongest yet most beautiful bridge that we could. We accomplished this by far, constructing a bridge that would hold 90.6 pounds before collapsing.
Weighing only 0.176 pounds, our bridge had not only strength but efficiency, lightweight but designed purposefully to hold its own.

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