Temperature Grasslands By:Katrina Pype

This is a kaNgaroo rat. There are other animals To like sQuirles, fox, wolf, and ciote

Did you know that the temperature in the temperate grasslands in the winters is 0c (32f), and in the summer it is 38c (100f). Also they only up to 8-40 inches of rain in one year.
They also do not get enough rain too grow but they do get more rain than deserts

These biomes are In these countries. North america, southe amerIca, asiA, europe, and astralia

This is purple pine needle grass. There are also plants called grass, shrubs,wild outs, foxtail, Ryegrass, and buffalO grass

Fun facts about temperate grasslanDs

Fire spreds about 600 feet per minute

By: Katrina Pype
Created By
Katrina Pype


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