Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter July 5th 2019

Principal's Message

Di Harper

Goodbye everyone. I am sad to leave you all but I am moving on to a new phase in my life. Jodie Norwell is your new Principal and is a very nice lady. I have so enjoyed leading the wonderful Canning Vale Education Support Community. Thank you for bringing your wonderful children to our school and a big thank you, for your support over the years. You have made my job so enjoyable. Di Harper, Principal.

AEIIP Classroom News

The students in B8 have had a very busy end of term. On Monday the students went to a primary school class to take part in the Better Beginning Program. The students listened to a story and all received a story book to take home. Each student from both classes stood up and introduced themselves by saying, "Hello" and, "My name is." Elijah and Charlie both used their talkers to introduce themselves.

The students also went to a very special assembly to say goodbye to Mrs Harper. It was the students first time at assembly and they did a fantastic job. Each student walked over to Mrs Harper and gave her a flower. Everyone in B8 would like to say thank you to Mrs Harper and we wish her all the best. Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

The students made a special flower garden for Mrs Harper using their hand prints. Mrs Harper has helped the students to learn and grow. Everyone from B8 would like to say Thank you to Mrs Harper and we wish all the best on your retirement. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

B8 students working together making flowers
Theodora making her flower for Mrs Harper

B9 Classroom News

While the students have achieved many great things during this term, and indeed over the course of the semester, it is a sad end of term saying farewell to our omnipresent Mrs. Harper. Over eleven years, Mrs. Harper has been the driving force behind our school and it will seem strange for many of us returning to work in semester two without her. All the B9 staff and children wish her all the very best in retirement.

For many students the holidays cannot come quickly enough. The last few weeks have been so tough, with many of our little learners becoming victims of this years dreaded flu bug. We hope they all have plenty of opportunities for rest and recuperation. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

Staff and students in H3 wish Mrs Harper a relaxing and happy retirement. We will all miss Mrs Harper's cheerful visits to our class and showing her our new skills.

Students in H3 have been busy, during our Art sessions making a beautiful flower to give to Mrs Harper at our assembly on Wednesday. I’m sure you’ll agree that they look spectacular.

Mrs Siew one of our wonderful Education Assistants, has been busy making some new sorting mats for our Maths lessons. The new mats are a great visual resource that helps the student to identify and sort coins, these are made individually for each student.

Mr Wilson and Mrs Ellery would both like to thank our Education Assistants who have completed another semester of excellent work assisting our H3 students. The invaluable contribution that is made by our assistants each day is very much appreciated by both the teachers and students. Pat Ellery and Darran Wilson.

Peyton with the flowers from H3

H4 Classroom News

We have been working hard on figuring out which parts of the house are private places and which are places for everyone! The all had to make up the house with all the different rooms. Working together they managed to correctly place all items of furniture in the correct rooms and identified which were the private rooms. They had a lot of fun designing their house and rooms!

What a fantastic end to the term. The students have worked so hard and has achieved many of their IEP goals. I am looking forward to next term and seeing what wonderful achievements will be coming!! Enjoy your holidays!! Dana Langridge, Teacher.

B1 Classroom News

The library half hour is always a popular event with all the students keen to browse and borrow. Mrs Cook can be relied upon to come up with a very interesting display every week, with something new to look at and think about. In the large plastic case there has been a variety of toy cars and trucks for a while with the Dewey number at the front. One of our students has been transfixed by the presentation and was guided over to where he could find more about what was on show. Well done Mrs Cook!

Some of our students are also learning how to use an iron, a very useful skill. So parents, this could be the start of something amazing, your very own laundry expert!!

Neil Rose, Teacher.

Chaplain News

Stephanie Sanderson, School Chaplain.

A generous grant enabled us to receive this bike from the Making Life Better Community Giveaway 2019. Steve delivered the bike on Tuesday and Scott was the first to have a ride.

First day back for students for Term three is Tuesday July 23rd.

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