Good Life Nature Activity JESSICA kIAN

Nature on Display

Butterfly Exhibit at Florida Museum of Natural History
Me in the Butterfly Exhibit

I thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly exhibit. I am currently taking Entomology, where I have to catch and study insects, including butterflies. I have learned about butterfly wings and mouths in my class, so it was cool getting to see so many butterflies flying around the exhibit. I did not know they ate bananas, which I thought was interesting. As a horticulture major, I really love nature and being surrounded by plants, which is why this exhibit was my favorite. I preferred the real plants and butterflies to the fake models inside. I also love running water, so I liked the waterfall a lot. It was relaxing and nice to see living creatures in a very authentic recreation of their natural habitat.

Nature and Ethics

Me in the Mangrove Exhibit

The museum definitely helped me appreciate nature even more than I do. Being from South Florida and an ocean lover and surfer, I particularly liked the mangrove exhibit, because it very authentically replicated a natural beach. I was able to feel an almost identical happiness in this exhibit as I do at the beach back home, which of course served as a reminder to do what I can to help protect these beaches. I even saw my friend from surf club sitting on a bench near the exhibit doing homework, so it is clear that visitors appreciate the exhibit and the very natural feel and ethical responsibility it instills.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Me in the Ocean Exhibit

The ocean exhibit was the exhibit that most powerfully conveyed the vastness and mystery of the natural world. I was recently scuba certified, but have not yet had the opportunity to dive in the ocean. My sister always talks about how diving in the ocean is like being on another planet, the most memorizing thing shes ever done. This exhibit helped create a similar feeling. It made me realize just how large the natural world is, with beautiful, mysterious places still relatively undisturbed by humans, like the depths of the ocean. It also made me feel obligated to help keep the mystical places in their natural beauty.

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