ME By Emerson durtschi

My Heros

My heros are my parents. I admire them for many reasons. For one, they helped raise me. Another reason is that they love and care for me. They do a lot for me, and make me feel good. I love them.

My Career

When I graduate from high school, I plan to attend BYU university. I will earn a master or doctorate degree, and then I will probably become a doctor. I plan to work for a long time.

My Interests

Some of my interests are playing with friends and playing video games. I am really good at both of these activities. I do each one a lot, and would like to keep doing them for a while.

Something I Am Proud Of

Something that I am proud of is completing sixth grade. I am very happy about this accomplishment. It was quite easy, but I spent quite a lot of time on it, so it felt good to finish.

Favorite Foods

Some of my favorite foods include dumplings and peanut chicken. I like mainly american and Chinese food. I also like to split up my meals during the day. I don't have many favorite foods.

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