A Fun Day jennifer b.

It’s my birthday part 1

I have many fun days in my life,the day that i had a sleepover birthday,I woke up. And I had breakfast it was cereal with marshmallows I think, And it was good.I got dressed and I had to wear a white pretty dress,and was too small for me.Me Jennifer, my dad John, and my step cousin Cristina.We went to the chorus performance. After we went to get milkshakes, mine was chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream.My most favorite part of the day was going to see the movie Beauty and the beast.During the movie we got candy such as sour Patch kids,and Skittles.The other fun things I did all day was that we ate at 5 Guys for dinner.And my friend came her name was Zoe,and my cousin Zelda plus 2 of my step cousins the first one’s name was a Cristina and the second one’s name was Katrina came to my house for a sleepover!We opened gifts before we went to bed,Also me and my cousin Zelda slept for only 5 hours,played and whispered the rest of the night.Also at 3:00 in the morning my step cousin Cristina woke up,and me,Zelda my cousin,and Cristina played with some of my birthday presents.It’s my birthday part 2

I woke up and fed my baby doll.The most fun thing that I did all day was eating triple chocolate cake for breakfast yum.The other fun things that I did was play outside and trying to ride my new bike.My day ended with everybody going home boo.I had such a great time celebrating my birthday with my friends.


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