Expertize It! “Make Money Making a Difference”

Media Literacy Training for Experts

We train altruistic business owners to pivot their expertise into the cloud.

You can maximize your education and experience using the latest media technology.

Self-paced and *facilitated workshops with experiential exercises to:

  • Get paid BEFORE you create your product
  • Build confidence in your project message
  • Productize your message
  • Monetize your digital product
  • Distribute your product using the latest media technology
  • Collaborate to expand your message reach


  • Case Studies
  • Resources Area
  • Social Media Community

Upon successful completion of this course you will know how to:

  1. Organize your process – thoughts and business
  2. Develop a messagized mission story
  3. Identify and locate target market
  4. Build a community
  5. Identify definition of pain
  6. Create hashtags and keywords
  7. Invite community to expand
  8. Create a product funnel
  9. Provide prod/serv solution MVP (from product funnel)
  10. Create sales package
  11. Promote product
  12. Get testimonials
  13. Identify industry pipeline
  14. Create cash cow formula
  15. Attract resellers/affiliates
  16. Develop a sales team
  17. Get sponsors
  18. Create a network of communities
  19. Offer a joint venture promotion package
  20. Select next product funnel offering to test and promote

*Please note: Facilitated workshops are available to our hand-picked consultants, coaches and their clients. This program is not a get rich quick scheme. You will need to spend time, building your business. Results will vary for each individual depending upon each person’s effort, abilities, message, product, or service.


“Before Dr. Neen’s course was even over, I had enough knowledge and confidence to pitch my idea to a sponsor and receive a verbal agreement for $5,000. Just weeks after the class ended, I picked up a check for DOUBLE the amount! I found my $10,000 for my message and will do it all again!”

Rhonda F., philanthropist

"I enjoyed that this informative and interactive class wasn’t just techniques, but action too."

Deborah T., business owner

"Dr. Neen, thank you for your patience and for going the extra mile to guide me to fulfilling my big dreams from a place of happiness."

Dr. M. Fernandez, author

"Dr. Nina Crafts' innate wisdom and knowledge of the game of life is priceless. Her business savvy is expansive. She’s given me a toolbox of resources I can tap into to assess each business opportunity that comes my way. I knew she completely understood the challenges of a single mother when she expressed to me, and I quote: 'Every time you say 'Yes' to spending time with someone else - you say 'No' to your children. Make it count'. Thank you Dr. Neen!"

R. Joy, Firefighter Ret., Mompreneur

“I’d partner up with Nina in a minute. She’s believable, she’s got passion, she’s a visionary, a big thinker.” Jack Canfield Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprise

Your instructor, Dr. Nina Craft, Ph.D. M.B.A., also known as Dr. Neen, The Strategy Queen, has been a social entrepreneur for over 25 years.