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Typography is the art and technique of arranging type,type design, and modifying type for legibility and look good.

Typography can typically be found in print based such as advertisements, magazines, and posters and digitally in digitally in logos and website layouts.

Type is also being used to be more creative for personal purposes and as an expressive art form.

The typeface (or design element) refers to the style of a letter. Weather it is bolded, underlinded or put initalics.

The two main types of fonts are Serifs or Sans-Serifs which relate to the extended corners at the end of letters.

Tracking: Adjusting the space between letters in general.

Leading: Adjusting the space between lines.

Kerning: Adjusting the distance between a set specific letters.

There is proper terminology used in typography to describe all aspects of text.

LEGIBILITY: Legibility in typography is how quickly text can be read! This is a important factor when picking a style or font.

Typography has to be legible! Your text is trying to deliver a message in the easiest way possible so that viewers will understand.

The color of your text will also effect legibility. So pick a color that looks good and doesn't hurt the eyes!

Fonts can reflect the style or emotion of the words they make. Things like shape and color help communicate their meaning!

ALIGNMENT: The four modes of alignment for text are centered, justified,flush left ,and flush right.Each one has traditional users that make sense whoever is viewing it.

Use vertical text smartly and think how it looks and will be read. Try to avoid stacking letters vertically, especially with lowercase letters. You don't want your viewer tilting their head every which direction trying to read what you have to say!

PORTRAITS: Many designs today are taking advantage of modern tools and software (Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) to manipulate text into typographic portraits.This branch of type art is becoming a design trend.

The technical name for moving text is kinetic typography and it is an animation technique which mixes motion and text to express ideas.

Anamorphic typography is an exploration of the potential and existing relationship between architecture and typography.

TUTORIAL: It's time to apply what you've learned! Following a quick and easy tutorial you can create your very own typographic portrait!


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