Another World Una s2c 11

Basic Informations

  • Author: Elaine O'Reilly
  • Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
  • ISBN: 978-1-4058-5206-7
  • No. of pages: 44


  • BZ lives in Eden City which is not a real world. In Eden City, everyone lives just like a robot. They have rules which make by The Team. They all must be happy and must not say 'no'. They live with their friends but not with their families.
  • One day, BZ meets a girl called Eve when he goes to school by bus. Everyone's eyes are blue in Eden city but Eve's are not. They are grey. BZ feels strange because of them. Grey is a sad colour but her eyes are beautiful. They two become friends later.
  • Eve brings BZ to the real world. First, they go to London. BZ does not like the real world because it is full of sadness. The sky is grey. There's many cars on the road. He does not like the waitress because she is ugly. He doesn't like the man because he is old. Everyone in Eden City is young and beautiful. When they're twenty-five, they will have a 'long dream'.
  • Eve brings him to her family. BZ likes Eve's brothers but not her parents. He feels embarrassed. Eve takes him back to the Eden City.
  • Actually, Eve is also a person of the Eden City. This is a mission of her to test BZ , of can he be a good leader of The Team. He is the best man because he has bad emotions. Everyone in the Eden City just has happiness. BZ is special. He can think in different ways. He can be a good leader.


  • From my point of view, the story tells us that friends can make us happy, but families is also very important.
  • We should not live as the people in Eden City. They are custumal. They have no freedom.
  • We can't be rubber stamps.
  • Live is short. Smile while you still have teeth. See more, learn more, and enjoy more.
  • You have your own life, your own point of view. You should share your ideas but not just follow others'.

I like this story because...

it is enlightening and fascinating. It brings out a lot of truth, but it also needs readers to think about the messages. Life is short. We all will go on a long dream. Please enjoy your life and make it special and meaningful. The writer uses the real world and the Eden World to make a contradistinction. It can push out the messages effectively.

The end

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