Thank you for the Christmas Love 2017 NanA and opa

Santa to the rescue. Daddy was happy, too, because some of those rescued cars were from his childhood stash.

After the emotional rollercoaster he's been on in regards to his cars (see above note from Santa), he was extra excited for new John Deere truck. Cars mean just a little bit more to this kid this year.

He's just always going to be more interested in what his brother's doing.

Joe can be seen here, warming up to the newest member of the family. Meet Peaches.

Our house feels more and more like home every single day. She's played a big part in that.

Mark adores her and has enjoyed teaching her how to sit, lay down and roll over. We've enjoyed teaching Mark the finer art of picking up dog poop without getting poop on your hands. #responsiblepetowners

Walter is a natural pet owner. They are very fond of each other and have been from the very beginning.

Thank you for the warm headgear! I've enjoyed it's warmth and the compliments I receive.

Thank you for the cash gifts-we are putting Mark's toward a night with Monster Trucks and stashing Walter's in his savings account (which after I finish this I will FINALLY deposit his birthday gift as well!).

I haven't done anything with the birthday cash-I'm trying to be less immpulsive with my consumerism. So for now, I'm saving it. Maybe I'll use it as I work towards domestication and replacing tired things like hand towels and sheets. #adultingisexciting

From our hearts to yours: May 2017 be a year of growth and prosperity.

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