Problems With Parking Harold Young/Engl 1030/Multimodal


The issue is parking on Clemson University's’ campus due to limited spaces, the distance away from dorms, the need to move one’s car from an assigned area to another area during football season, and the cost of parking permit.


I don't think that students should have to pay for a parking permit when the parking is not great and guaranteed. I am arguing if student parking on a Clemson's campus was more dealt with than talked about then it would not be a problem. Improving parking on a college campus could lead to more students residing on campus, less traffic and less parking tickets. Student parking on a large college campus is always overrated, and a big disappointment to many people.As a first year student I hate parking on Clemson’s campus just as much as the next person because of the difficulties when trying to find parking, and the fact of west inzone residents having to move their vehicles when we have home football games.


Solution #1- Add more parking spaces, more lots, and only sell the amount of permits that they have parking spots for.

Solution #2- To add a more effective bus routes or any kind of transportation to help transport students from the east side of campus back to the west side of campus when we have home football games, or better yet build parking spaces for football fans and then shuttle them to the game, So we do not have to move from our designated area.

Solution #3- Have a more efficient bus route, busses that travel more frequently and bus that travel all day on the weekend.


The Student on-campus population at Clemson continues to increase, and the number of students commuting continues to increased. With this being said campus parking is becoming over capacitated, and is only going to get worst over there years following. Colleges and Universities have plans to improve parking on colleges and universities world wide, but it isn't just an easy move. It takes a lot of time, money, and planning to do something this big, but colleges don’t understand that improving parking could benefit them in major ways, more so towards the positive side.

Prices For Permits

Annual parking permits for students are $148.00/year. Fall Semester permits are available to students who do not need to park on campus in the spring. If you will be on campus all year, it is more economical to purchase the annual permit.

Annual student permit fees are prorated the 16th of each month. If you order online after September 16th, select the Annual Permit and you will be charged the current selling price.

The After 4:30 permit is $74.00/year and is available to graduate students only . The After 4:30 permit is only valid for parking on campus after 4:30 p.m. If you need to park at anytime prior to 4:30 p.m., you will need to purchase the commuter permit.

Carpool permits are $42.00/semester. Carpool groups of 3 or more members receive free parking permits.

Motorcycle and Moped permits are $27.00/year.

Occasional Parker one-day permits are $2.00/day.

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