Prokol Polymers UK Acoustic Floor Coating Application WAITROSE BLOOMSBURY SQUARE LONDON

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Prokol Polymers UK Acoustic Application to Warehouse Floor

The Client Brief: Following a conversation with a area maintenance operational manager from Waitrose & the John Lewis Partnership Prokol Polymers were asked to assist and offer a solution for a longstanding issue with sound reverberation arising from goods trollies transmitting through the buildings floor substrate.

Following our initial survey at the store we found an existing rubber matting application that was breaking down and de-bonding from the substrate, on inspection the cohesive bond between the substrate and rubbing matting was not good and areas had lifted causing trip hazards. Waitrose required immediate attention to these areas to protect their partners from any accidents that could occur.

Without delay an approved Prokol Polymers applicator was contacted for immediate reactive response to re-bond and chemically fix the matting temporally to stop any health and safety risk, the area was then re-opened to traffic.

Reviewing all aspects of the existing application there were many reasons for its failure the main one being the lack of substrate preparation on a wax finish power floated floor, which meant the adhesive was trying to form a bond on glass with nothing to bite on to, it was later established through analysis that the manufacturer of the rubber matting & supplier of the adhesive differed meaning there was no compatible bond link in the system, coupled with heavy point load traffic, turn point load on solid urethane cast wheels on the trollies this application was never fit for purpose and subject to short life and heavy serviceability.

Temporary Walkways Created 

Specifying Fit for Purpose

Working quickly and understanding the store could not suffer any downtime a strategic plan was put in place to deliver a new acoustic floor system direct with coating application to the substrate to remove future failure and give a zero maintenance solution.

Prokol Project Planning involved temporary walkways created to divert store replenishment to none work areas allowing the store to stay in constant use with no risk to its partners, areas were then barrier off and signed whilst any noisy works were carried out during the day to comply with noise abetment. Prokol Polymers approved applicators under the supervision of a Prokol UK technical inspector then began removing the existing failing rubber floor.

The New Specification & Acoustic Floor Coating From Prokol Polymers UK

Prokol Polymers UK Specified Substrate Preparation Phase 1

Once the work area was cleared the concrete substrate had to profiled to accommodate the Prokol Polymers UK primer system Profast Primer R, this preparation was carried out using a controlled vacuum dust free track blasting process which opened and profiled the concrete substrate giving the required key for high bond adhesion. De-bonding strips were applied to each of the substrates expansion joints which currently also allowed for sound issues when travelled over by trollies, these strips would eventually be coated over allowing for the slabs to deflect and move in line with the final coatings 330% elongation properties.

Prokol Polymers UK Specified Primer Application Phase 2

The floor was then ready to receive its second phase of Prokol Profast Primer R which was applied accurately to marked areas by hand, the cure time of the water based primer (no solvents) is around 30 - 40 minutes and is has combination of fillers for both dry and moist substrates.

Prokol Polymers UK Specified Acoustic Floor Coating Application Phase 3

Once the primer had cured the approved Prokol Polymers applicator began to spray the final high bond (8-9 MPA per mm) 8 Second Cure 8 mm DFT (dry film thickness) acoustic floor coating with integral anti slip to BS standard. The Prokol Rocathaan 136T CE Certified seamless Pure Polyurea floor coating is fully chemically interlinking with its primer base giving a very high bond application that is ready for foot traffic in under one minute and point load traffic within 5 minutes. It is fully chemical & abrasion resistant with long maintenance free service life zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds) fully inert and manufactured using green chemistry with full life cycle analysis.

Final Line Marking Application Phase 4

Once the acoustic floor coating was complete Prokol Profast Floor Coating AS was applied to mark out the defined access areas, Prokol Profast AS again is a solvent free anti-slip floor coating used internally or externally and is 3 times more wear and scratch resistant than epoxies and polyurethane coatings, It is also resistant to tyre or wheel marking. The floor was now complete and all 8mm edges were tapered to create an east acces ramp , this application removed all existing issues the store was faced with, This application was so successful it lead to two other larger applications for Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership one of which was an external loading bay with heavy 38 ton traffic load, 7 years later following our annual inspections and client information the system is still as resilient and good as the day it was applied. This application was carried out in November 2010 and is still fully active with no sign or wear.

  • Total Application Area 80 m2
  • Application Monitored Constantly by Prokol Polymers UK for Quality & Client Sign Off
  • Total Project Cost of Acoustic Floor Application Only £10,6002.40p
  • Duration of Works 4 Working Days (Including out of hours working)
  • Zero Defects
  • End of Defects November 2011
  • 10 -15 Year Manufacturer Warranty with annual inspection (cost effective top up recoat option on wear were applicable-no wear expected)
  • Application Performance Inspected Annually by Prokol Inspectors for 10 - 15 years.

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