The Last Years of the Republic Ch 14, Lesson 3

1. Sam Houston stepped down from being the Republic's president so he wanted the next president to continue his policies.

2. The two candidates for president were Vice President Edward Burleson and Anson Jones.

Anson Jones

3. Jones was a doctor from Brazoria and a veteran of the Battle of Jacinto.

4. Houston actually supported Jones because they had similar beliefs.

5. Jones won the election very easily which made Burleson mad.

6. Many Texans blamed the Republic's problems on Lamar, so his support had hurt Burleson.

7. From the beginning, the Republic of Texas had been in debt.

8. When Lamar was president, the debt had grown.

9. President Jones was more worried about annexation than the Republic's debt.

10. Jones had been Secretary of State.

The end


Created with images by greg westfall. - "just another day at the park" • skeeze - "statue sam houston memorial" • - "Debt" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "1844 draft letter from Sam Houston to Andrew Jackson regarding the annexation of Texas by the United States - Page 5"

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