Donna Osborn Taylor cole, Madison Stone, Alex Cope, Alexis Bechtold, Anna Morton

This is a picture of Donna Osborn after allegedly "falling down the stairs".


Mrs.Osborn stated, "He had pushed me down a few times while i was pregnant, but i guess i over looked it". This truly shows the extent of how aggressive and controlling Clinton was towards his wife.

Donna proclaimed, "things escalated and he knocked me to the ground and wacked me in the side with his golf club. One the way [to the doctor] he said he would agree to me teaching if i didn't tell the truth about what happened." Incidents like this stopped her from telling the authorities because she felt threatened that her husband would find out and processed with lethal actions.


Clare (Clinton's mother) exclaimed "my husband sometimes lost his temper with me." From this we can assume that Clinton inherited an anger disorder from his father, due to how short tempered they both seem to possess.

Donna proclaimed, "On March 5, 1990 he came home from work upset by a stock deal that fell through. When i asked him how it happened he blew up at me and yelled that i was too stupid to understand. He shoved me out of his way. i fell backwards down a small flight of stairs and broke my arm."

Donna Osborn acquired numerous broken bones within the time span of a few months. It would have been nearly impossible to obtain this many injuries in a short period of time without leaving the house. The broken bones, bruises and deep lacerations all show signs of abuse within the household.


It is defined Section 35.15 of the Penal law and reads that a person may not use deadly physical force upon another person under circumstances in subdivision one unless he or she believes that such other person is using or about to use deadly physical force.

Donna said in her witness statement, "That night for the first time Clinton threatened to kill me...For the next few days i lived in constant fear." As mentioned above, it is a law that you can use a deathly force upon a person if you feel threatened, and according to Ms.Osborn her life was threatened by Clinton Osborn on numerous occasions.

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