Florida Museum of Natural History & the Good Life Maddie Hollifield

On February 10th, I had the opportunity to escape reality for some time and create an adventure at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature on Display

My favorite exhibit in the entire museum was by far the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden was so beautiful and thoughtfully landscaped. There were countless species of plants and butterflies. The butterflies ever-so-freely roamed the garden with her vibrant colored, flowering plants. I learned in that moment, watching the butterflies, that sometimes my life is too stressed in my opinion. The realization hit me in the butterfly garden. I should strive to live more freely like the lovely little butterflies and take time to stop and strive on the flowers in life. it was so enjoyable to watch the beauty of nature and listen to the clam, silent peace.

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Natural Museum of History provided me the opportunity to experience nature in the way that Leopold recommends. While touring the museum, I found myself admiring life and nature. I loved going through all of the different, beautiful exhibits with their cultural stories behind them. It was quite amazing how realistic the exhibits were created to look. Other people, although it was not very crowded, were in awe of the beauty of the world and of creation, just like I was. My friend, Ana, also enjoyed soaking in nature and the good life. I agree with Leopold that it is essential to stop and admire nature and the world with respect.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us to escape our ordinary lives by providing a peaceful and beautiful place to go and admire nature: from frogs to butterflies to the history and culture behind it all. It helps us to understand who we are based off the different ways we view the exhibits. Everyone has different life experiences that mold and shape their inner characters. The Natural History Museum helps to fully grasp and interpret who each of us are.

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