Deer Hunting BY LUCAS

I could hear the wind blowing and the snow crunching beneath our feet. Clink clink clink as our boots hit the cold metal of the ladder. I loaded the rounds into my gun click click click. I was so excited I was finally going deer hunting for the first time with my dad. I had been waiting for months.

We were sitting in our tree stand behind our house and it was cold windy and snowy but luckily I had on warm clothes so I didn't get too cold. We sat in the tree stand to wait for deer to come out and for there to be enough light to shoot. Finally there was enough light to shoot so we watched closely because they can come from anywhere and you don't have forever to shoot. I was starting to get cold because it was freezing and I was shivering. But I wanted to get a deer so I stayed out for longer. Then all of a sudden one of us looked over and there was a deer just standing there. My heart started to pound in my chest thump thump thump. My dad had me aim the gun at it and put the sight right behind its shoulder blade. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes then he told me to shoot so I slowly pulled the trigger and all of a sudden BOOOOOM!

It took off running into our pine trees but it was running weird so we knew I hit it. While we were sitting there waiting to let the deer die and make sure we didn't spook any other deer my dad told me it was a spike buck with one little spike horn on each side of its head. He didn’t tell me that before my shot because he didn't want me to shake to much. After a while my dad said we could get down out of the treestand.

I was still shaking and my heart was still pounding as we were climbing out of the treestand. I knew exactly where the deer was standing when I shot it so we went there and we saw blood. We followed the trail of blood to a fence that the deer had jumped over with two shattered shoulders. There was more and more blood as we were walking. There was a bunch of blood on some bushes in front of us so I looked up and saw something tan laying there, then I figured out that it was my deer.

I was so excited after we looked at it for a while we dragged it out onto the path and went down to the house to get my mom. I held the deer by its neck as my mom took pictures. Me and my dad drug the deer back to our house and took it down to my dad's shop so we could skin it and butcher it. He showed me how to skin it so he could mount it. My dad has mounted all of the bucks I have shot because he is a really good taxidermist. As we were skinning it we found out that my bullet went through both lungs and the heart a perfect shot!

Now the deer hangs on the wall in our living room with my other deer. All the other deer are bigger but I still remember and like my smallest and first deer I ever shot the most. I like and remember it the most because it was the first time I got to go deer hunting with my dad and get to use the gun. Even though I have a whitetail deer with eleven points my deer with the two spikes sticking out of its head is the most important to me.

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