Prokol Polymers FireGuard Pro - 200 WARRINGTON Fire Rating A2 - S1 - D0

Classification Report No 18831B Class A2 -S1 - D0

High Protection Fire Retardant Coating Warrington Fire Certified EN 13501 - : 2007 + A1 : 2009

Prokol Polymers FireGuard Pro 200 Is A Single Application Fire Retardant Coating

Product Summary

No Primer Required

One Single Application 150 Micron Coating

Available in Any RAL Colour

Easy To Clean

Matt - Gloss - Egg Shell Finish

Smooth Neat Finish

90% Solid Coating

Anti Corrosive

Wear Resistant

Fast Curing Under Most Conditions

Application to Plaster Board and Concrete Substrates

Spray - Brush - Roller Applied

20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

One Application of a Light Colour FireGuard Pro 200 Onto a Dark Background Covers Instantly

Independently Tested To ISO Standards

Hardness - BS EN ISO 1580 PASS

Fire Retardant - EN 13501 - 1 :2007 + A1:2009 PASS

QUV - ISO 11507 PASS

Impact Resistance - ISO 6272 - 1 PASS

Clean Ability - ISO 2812-1 PASS

Water Resistance PASS

Multi Surface Cleaner PASS

Fire Protection Landscape

Fire protection is a serious matter and choosing the correct certified products are important, how does your chosen product protect and most importantly how does it work? Questions rarely asked but key to sustaining life in the face of fire! Class O rated products can contain poisonous gases to suppress surface spread of flame, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. If these two compounds are mixed with water from fire rescue services they can produce even more deadly gases.

It's a Fact that Toxic Gas & Smoke Kill More People Than Flames Do!

Fire uses up the oxygen you need and produces smoke and poisonous gases that kill. Breathing even small amounts of smoke and toxic gases can make you drowsy, disoriented and short of breath. The odourless, colourless fumes can lull you into a deep sleep before the flames reach your door. You may not wake up in time to escape.

FireGuard Pro 200

Prokol Polymers developed FireGuard Pro 200 to a achieve the higher standard of fire protection as set out by London Underground legislation. Ever since the Kings Cross Tragedy in 1987 where toxic poisons from construction materials, not Fire, claimed a serious amount of lives. After the fire investigation, higher standards for construction products were required. Unfortunately, this level of legislation never applied to buildings or building internals above ground, tower blocks and low rise buildings, even houses may still be restricted in a route of escape. FireGuard Pro 200 certified by Warrington Fire to A2 - S1 -D0 will give a high protection of fire retardant than that of class O.


The leading innovative commercial chemists and applied physicists at Prokol NL are constantly developing cutting edge products that meet the highest standards, with safety and protection being paramount. Our products are solvent free and manufactured using green chemistry, Prokol Polymers are an ISO 9001 - 14001 Certified Organisation

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