Walking with Cézanne Creating impressions of Provence

October 12th - 17th 2020

Join Valda & Doug in Provence for a 'Creative Growth' workshop
"Is it any better in Heaven, my friend... than you found it in Provence?" asked William Carlos Williams, so convinced was he, that in Provence he had found heaven on earth.
It is no surprise that artists congregated here - Provence is itself one of nature’s most vibrant works of art. Everything appears brighter, more compelling - the light has a transcendent quality that seems to intensify colour and warmth.

The most famous resident of Aix en Provence is, of course, Paul Cezanne, and the town is dedicated to his life and work. He was utterly transfixed by the elegance of Mont St Victoire which he painted 87 times. We can but pitifully aspire to such a degree of dedication.

Picasso followed Cezanne there and although he died elsewhere, it was Provence that he chose as his final resting place.

We have based ourselves in Gordes - officially one of the prettiest villages in France. The gentle light bounces off the golden, honeyed architecture of the tiny village and the elegant sweep of the distant rolling hills will provide us with an every-changing kaleidoscope to inspire us. Renoir, Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh all sought solace and inspiration in the cradle of this stunning valley.
The traditional time to visit Provence is in the height of summer, when the lavender and sunflowers bloom - and the heat soars into the upper 30's. But, no doubt, you know us well enough by now to realise we are not ones to chase clichés - and so we have chosen to visit as autumn breaks. This means we avoid the suffocating heat (and the lavender crushing tourists).
Rather, we can enjoy a time of glorious colour, and mellow fruitfulness
We are staying at Le Jas de Gordes, just outside the village and set in a private, shaded park surrounded by Mediterranean gardens. Fashioned after traditional Provençal houses, its decor is light and airy with ground floor rooms leading out onto a garden terrace.

We could easily spend the whole workshop in this area but we will make time to travel a little further afield. There are too many enchanting villages to choose from but we will try to make time to visit Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, situated in the Parc Naturel Régional des Alpilles and Van Gogh’s artistic inspiration, as well as Aix en Provence - City of a Thousand Waterfalls (or so it is said)...

The colours and textures of Provence will be our palette
Needless to say, as on all Bailey Chinnery tours, meals will be a time to enjoy the very best of local food and wine. A time to make and renew friendships, a time to talk, laugh and enjoy the creative atmosphere.
This will be a 'Creative Growth' workshop for our more experienced clients. Being less technique oriented the focus will be on helping us develop our abilities to think and see creatively. With daily discussion sessions designed to help us find our own creative path along with practical exercises to direct some of the sessions out with our cameras. There will also be helpful image critique and portfolio review sessions. This is a workshop designed to help you to give your work focus.
This tour, led by Valda and Doug, promises to be both stimulating and creatively exciting. We do hope you choose to join us. Please use the link below to visit the web site for more details, pricing and an opportunity to book one of the limited places.

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