Winston Jr. The youngest smoker

If you smoke when you are pregnant, it will be more risky for the baby. He may have a serious handicap.

Don't smoke when You are pregnant or neAr children, there are more risks for them to smoke later
If you smoke neAr your children, they will have more chance to have a respiratory disease like a pneumonia.

You shouldn't smoke in your car. You shouldn't smoke in your house, you have to smoke outside or in a smoking area.

The smokers' lungs are more damaged than the non-smokers' ones.

The passive smokers' lungs are almost as damaged as the smokers' ones.

  • Don't you think you'd better quit smoking ?
  • You could travel or buy a new car.
  • How many cigarettes do you smoke a day ?
  • On average, one cigarette costs 0,45$.
  • Calculate and you will know how much you can save up in a year.

You mustn't believe the tobacco ads, they lie. They make you think smoking is cool, rebellious... but smoking can kill you !

When you decide to quit smoking, the first week is the hardest. The easiest way to stop smoking is to be helped by others.

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