Monthly newsletter March 2017

4th mobility in Poland

Zespol Szkolno - Przedszkolny, Krakòw, Poland, 27th - 31st March 2017
The first day

Traditional Welcome at Polish school


Polish challenge -only two missions, but with higher difficulty
The first mission

There were three cubes with the picture of animal on the top. The robot had to carry each cube with animal to its natural enivornment.

The second mission

Robot had to find filter in front of the factory and put it into the chimney.

Our videoblog from the first day of the mobility

Slovak project team

The second day

Whole day trip

We visited the chocolate factory in the morning and then the water treatment plant.

Wawel Krakow - the chocolate factory 🍫

compulsory clothes - white covers and white caps

We couldn't take any photos inside the factory because of secret formulas for processing sweets.

We found out that robots can manage stock management.

Water treatment plant 💧


We spent three hours in this water treatment plant which treats water from Dobczyce dam.

Our videoblog from the second day

Slovak Project team

The third day

This day was focused on environmental aspect of our project

We visited the smallest national park in Poland

Ojcowski national park

This park is located near Krakow. It has unusually rich vegetation and wildlife. The most characteristic species of flora are those of high mountain grasses and steno thermal lichen.

The presentation about the water cycle and how the agriculture can influence the quality of ground water was folllowed by practice in the nature.

The students from international teams were given instructions to practical part.

They have to determined physical and chemical characteristics of water and representatives of flora and fauna in the stream.

They had to find out the quality of water according to representatives of water insect species they had found in the creek.

We moved from National park to Pieskowa skala castle and Maczuga Herkulesa where we had a rest

The fourth day

Whole morning the students prepared for the final challenge

and whole afternoon students with teachers spent in Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow as we can see from this Spanish videoblog

and here is the fourth videoblog made by Slovak project team

The fifth day

It was the most important day for everyone. Each international team had opportunity to show how they solved the mission.

Here is the winning team

see you soon in Greece

Videoblogs made by Spanish and Slovak project teams from the final day

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