WARTOPIA by Camdon Fackrell

my seal is war

my purpuse is to rule the world
after service your membership is you can chill

Rule 1 you dont have a choice of were you go from miner farmer or army 3/4 go to army 1/8 go to farmer or miner

Rule 2 you are taken to train when you are 10 for army, farmer, or miner

Rule 3 if you are in the army then you are a guard when 17

Rule 4 if in army deployed when you are 21

Rule 5 stay in army for 20 years you the time starts when you are a gaurd

Rule 6 you are going to start working in the farm or mine when you are 12

Rule 7 you work as a miner, or farmer for 35 years

Rule 8 places you take over the people will be slaves for 20 years then will be selected for a job

Rule 9 after you do your service you can go live a normal life

Rule 10 general is in charge he cant change rules

we are located in Germany

schedule for army schedule for farmer or miner wake up at 5 wake up at 7 get ready for breakfast at 5:15 get ready for breakfast at 7:20 go out for morning march at 5:30 go out and do your job at 8 go out and do your duty at 6 come in for lunch at 12 come in for lunch at 11 go out and work at 1 go out again at 11:30 come in for dinner at 7 come in for dinner at 6 go to bed at 9 go out again at 6:30 come in at 10 lights out at 11

goverment is war cause thats what we do most

you cant come move in we have to take you over

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