The Japanese Interment Camps december 7, 1941

Summary:The Japanese Americans had to go to different schools because of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Helen Watanabe: She was a Japanese American that people thought she and her family were in on something with the Japanese. Like attacking where she was at right then. But her family was innocent.

Mas Yubu: Mas Yubu was a Japanese American too. He felt the same way as Helen Watanabe felt so he wanted to prove he wasn't bad so he served for the military and passed his test.

Grace Jones: She heard rumors of Japan attacking Pearl Harbor and she didn't believe it until she heard it on the radio. Then she realized one of her friends was a Japanese American and she wanted to help her

Daniel's perspective:If I was a Japanese American I would follow what the soldiers say and when I get enough money I would buy my own house and hide so no one can get me.

David´s perspective: If I was a Japanese American I would join the army like Mas Yubu so I don´t have to live my hole life in poverty and when I get out I would help some other Japanese Americans and then I´ll buy a house so I could help more people.

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