Federal Reserve By lincoln field

Which Movement of the Progressive Era had the most positive lasting impact on society to this day?

The Federal Reserve system is a huge banking system in 1791-1836. In 1836 Andrew Jackson vetoed the bank and closed it. In the future They have reopened the banks and in Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, St.louis, Missouri, and the biggest one out of all of them is in New York.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Federal reserve is mostly know for the National bank and the National Banking Association. Also no Senator or Representative of Congress can be a member of the Federal Reserve Board or a director. The Federal Reserve Established branched banks within the Federal districts. They have also Divide up Continental United interchange in states like Alaska and Hawaii.

Federal Reserve Banking Systems

The Federal Reserve Banking System is a Central Banking System. Many people in 1791 liked the creation of the Banking System, But by the time Andrew Jackson was President he vetoed the banks and they closed down in 1836. Now in the present they have been re opened. The bank helped people with their money and their funds.

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