Monroe Junior High School Initiatives of the 2016 school year

Data Meetings

What did we do?

  • Quarterly Common Assessments
  • Created using Edulastic

How did it go?

  • Productive discussion
  • Data was not always accurate


  • Started with one group of reading intervention for 7th grade
  • Added reading and math intervention for both grade levels second semester

Multi Tiered Systems of Support

  • Start building wide MTSS program next year
  • Use AIMSweb for bench marking to stay consistent throughout the district
  • Separate Tiers into different Study Halls


  • Create enrichment programs for Tier 1 students
  • Some possible programs are: Nutrition and Fitness, Culture and Food, 3D Modeling, Arts and Crafts, Murder Mysteries, Breakout EDU, Science Experiments


Created with images by Iqbal Osman1 - "Embrace change" • Arenamontanus - "Image Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram" • reynermedia - "Numbers And Finance" • jurvetson - "Bisecting the Moonrise" • @markheybo - "#help" • audi_insperation - "Helping Daddy" • Unsplash - "chess game fun"

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