Anneka, mum & friends

Anneka started sewing when she was 17 and sews her own clothes. Her mother who also sews taught her how to sew. Anneka loves having friends stay over listening to music together and sharing food and drinks and it's even more special when they share her love of sewing and she gets to make beautiful dresses just for them.

I mostly do alterations now... My own closet is what I really live for though...

Anneka is quite skilled and not only is she a dressmaker but she also makes quilts and hand colours her quilts.

I’d like the quilting and sewing to be a stepping stone... but it’s never perfect enough.. an infuriating gap between vision and execution made twice the more difficult without a crucial other set of hands.. Where is our “men’s shed?”
Anneka chilling with friends in her space showing her dresses and quilts whilst mum Girda is in her own space.

Anneka's mum, Girda mainly sews quilts and runs a quilting class. She does the very intricate embroidery by hand. So much talent and so beautiful. Girda has her industrial machine set up in a corner of her husband's office and often uses her other Janome machine in front of the TV.

Anneka's tape measure is her bible and her favourite proverb is "Proverbs 13:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future"


@Christine Arnaldi