War Clouds Gather Chapter 11, Lesson 1

When Adolf Hitler became Germany's leader, he put his plan, found in his book Mein Kampf, to action.

"He who wants to live must fight, and he who does not want to fight in this world where eternal struggle is the law of life has no right to exist."

Hitler promised prosperity and a return to national greatness, during Germany's Great Depression. This persuaded many citizens who were angry and frightened.

Benito Mussolini appealed to Italians who wanted order in an unsettled time. He polarized fascism in Italy, and eventually was named head of the government.

Hitler was leader of the Nazi Party, and they believed that German people were superior to the rest of the world, leading to discrimination against the Jews.

In 1936, Germany and Italy formed an alliance.

Mussolini and hitler
Joseph Stalin rose to power as a Communist leader of the Soviet Union, and forced obedience upon his people. He killed rivals and sent millions of "disloyal" people to labor camps.

Emperor Hirohito was the leader of Japan. Japan's military held great power and played a key role in setting an aggressive course for Japan.

Congress in the U.S. passed Neutrality Acts, banning selling weapons and making loans to nations at war.

In March 1939, Hitler epinvaded Poland, causing the start of World War II.


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