Growth Mindset Putting it all together!

Mojo was awake and Katie helped. "I'm going to grow my brain", said Mojo. He said, "you can do it, I am doing it". "I can't do it yet", said Katie. "I can do it now", said Mojo. By Caitlin

His rocket had a hole. Then it fell over. He was asleep and needed to keep trying. You need to do hard things. You need to keep trying hard stuff. By Eli

It was morning and Mojo went to fly a rocket ship. And he went to go to the moon. And the rocket ship was beautiful. And he liked the rocket ship. And he went to see Katie. And the rocket ship broke down and he gave up. And in the morning he changed his mind and he tried to fix the rocket ship. And he did it. And he was really happy he didn't give up. By India

It was morning and Mojo thought he couldn't do it. Katie counted down from ten to nought. He couldn't do it. He did it. By Arlo

He was sleeping. He got a hole in his rocket ship. He was ready to blast off. He was leaving. Katie said, "you can't leave, you need to try Mojo". And they went to space. By Billie

It was winter time and Mojo decided to go to Pluto to get a star in a rocket ship. I think Mojo thought that that was fun. He had a closed mind. Just try harder. You can do challenging things. You have to say, "I can't do this yet". By Izzy

It was morning. Mojo wanted to fly up in a rocket ship. He flew up to space... when the rocket broke. Down and down the rocket ship fell. Down on the ground. But before that he got in the rocket ship and it was dark in the rocket ship. By Holly

It was a stormy day. And then he got a rocket ship and he took it up into the storm. But the rocket ship went down. And then he fixed it. And then he built a ginormous rocket ship. And then he said to himself, "I am giving up". By Tyler

It was daytime and Mojo made a rocket ship. But the rocket ship fell over. He said it was too hard. And Mojo and Katie got it to go to the moon. It was a big moon, and Mojo and Katie did it. "Thank you", said Mojo. And the rocket ship went up in the sky. Then they made the rocket ship go up to the moon. And Mojo and Katie went up and down too. Mojo and Katie did it. By Isaac

It was daytime and Mojo tried and tried to get the spaceship to the golden moon! And it didn't work. When it was nighttime, Mojo remembered his brain was like a muscle. He did not want to give up, and he really didn't want his neurons to get sad. So in the morning Mojo went to go and see Katie. She was in her bedroom. By Mabel

It was a summer's day and he got a rocket. He said, "I will give up". And then he did it. By Blair

It was morning and Mojo made a rocket ship. His rocket ship fell down. And Mojo was thinking about building a rocket ship. Mojo has to grow his brain. He has to do hard stuff. Mojo gave up. Then Mojo tried and he did it. By Emily W

It was morning. Mojo made a rocket ship. It was not stable enough! One night Mojo discovered that he had to do hard, challenging work. Mojo did hard work. Katie said, "just try harder". She said too, "you can do anything". I loved Mojo today. By Amelia

It was morning. Mojo made a rocket and it was not stable enough. When it was nighttime Mojo thought about growing your brain. And when it was daytime Mojo saw Katie. And Mojo grew his brain. And he kept trying. By Charlotte

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