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My name is Joanna Jimenez

The life time of Bill Gates

This podcast is going to be about the invention and the competition of bill gates.

The person that I got assigned was "Bill Gates" and he was a boy who really liked working with computers and doing all that technology stuff. He went to Harvard university and he dropped out at age 19 because he wanted to start a small computer company with Paul at Microsoft. He was smart and the reason he dropped out was because he sold the first computer so then that's when he thought of making a small company with Microsoft. This reminds me of Andrew Carnegie when he took all the risks just to build the bridge of steel. I don't really know much stuff because I didn't watch the whole video because my iPad died and I could've skip forward to the part I was at.

I think that he is a robber baron because when Steve jobs took out his first computer bill gates opened it up and he was looking for some more ideas to make his computer better and more future improved. He wanted to be more powerful than Steve jobs. Bill Gates he just wanted his ideas and his inventions to be better.

Using evidence from the video I know that Bill gates was kind of just like Andrew Carnegie because he also just wanted his invention to be more advanced than all the other bridges. He just wanted the bridge to work out and not fail because he was the first one to try out making a bridge made out of steel.

I thought this because Andrew Carnegie was the first person to actually try something new like he made his bridge out of steel and he did not make it out of the other things other people used to make their bridges. So I think he took risks. In my opinion bill gates was smart because he took some of Steve jobs ideas just to make his computer better and more advanced.


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