christian buentello Bim 1 period 2

January 4

How was your break and what did you do?

it was a good break. i mainly relaxed the whole break and binge watched a lot of t.v shows. i went to a couple of my friends houses's and slept a lot also, i miss the break. ;)

January 11

My dream is to achieve everything i want to achieve when i get older. I think i can achieve my dreams if i work hard and set myself towards those goals.

January 13

This weekend im going to relax, sleep and eat.

January 20

yes, i always complement people, it makes them feel better about themselves.

January 25

nobody, i don't have fans.

January 27

i love how i can be chill about most situations and that's what others mainly love about me.

January 30

Hearing, because i love listening to music.

February 1

i see myself as chill and quiet, and that's exactly how i think others see me unless i'm around good friends.

February 8

i don't know what long division is unless your talking about the math division, but in both case's i'm pretty sure my parents didn't practice long division.

February 10

The only time a friend has opened up another "world" for me, was when my friend told me about this music group, and i started listening to them and really started loving their music.

February 22

wish i knew how many hours i needed to make up at the beginning of the year but i'm barley finding out about it now.

February 24

I've left many people behind, sometimes it sucks but mainly its just something you get used to.

February 27

haven't really had anything that has frightened ME a lot yet.

March 1

i haven't ever received a anonymous gift or given one.

March 3

I try to keep my handwriting perfect but i usually end up having it come up crappy so i just deal with it.

March 6

actually see teenagers focus and pass in school

March 10

eat, sleep, repeat

March 20

i slept over spring break, it was nice while it lasted...

March 29

The best thing i probably ever written is my a essay i did last year for English

April 3rd

i haven't extremely needed help from a friend but its always nice to have them there and yes I've been there to help a friend.

April 10

the one thing that makes me successful is having somebody to do the "thing" with or talking to somebody while doing it... unless the "thing" im doing is fun.

April 12

i can make life less difficult for everybody by doing my own thing and leaving everybody alone...which i do everyday .

April 19

im different from other people because of how chill i can be about most things.

April 21

being lazy is my unhealthy habit , ive tried to break it but it doesn't go away.

April 24

yes i am, but i try not to think about it or avoid them

April 26

yes i've been burned by a bad experience many times and yes i've been changed a lot by these experiences

May 3

i hate doing school but you have to do it...sooo

May 12



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