Reflective Journal Week 3

Although I have only experienced engaging International students from a university housing stand point (housing applications, university account set up, and roommate selection), I still feel that this population of students is vital in maintaining institutional health. From my experience, this population of students is routinely an afterthought amongst institutional leadership, as they promote a more globalized student. In order for this population to be successful they must become a priority of the campus community. “Educators cannot neglect the needs of international students coming to the United States or underestimate the intellectual, strategic, and financial resources they represent” (Hanassab & Romeria, 2014, p. 306). International students do not receive financial aid, they typically pay for university expenses themselves.

Hanassab and Romeria (2014) indicate that international students desire more information about immigration and visa requirements. During my time in university housing, I witnessed many international students not being able to attend the institution due to VISA issues. Therefore, institutions must be proactive in fulfilling this particular need of international students. Perhaps, VISA requirements could be an area for improvement within the Office of International Students.

Another area of improvement for the Office of International students is support services for international students. “They place high priority on academic adjustment and view interpersonal happiness as merely a social accessory (Dillard & Chisolm, 1983)” (Hanassab & Romeria, 2014, p. 315). Similar to national students, international students are effected by external issues. However, the effects of external issues could impact international students more seriously with consideration to their respective culture.

Hanassab, S. & Tidwell, R. (Winter 2002). International students in higher education: Identification of needs and implications for policy and practice (PDF).Journal of Studies in International Education. 6(4), pp. 305-322.


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