Fun in New Jersey by: Damani Triplett

Three things I could do or see if I went on a trip to New Jersey.

The first thing is...

1. The Princeton University art museum

2. If you like a lot of cheese you can go to the Rat's Restaurant

This is the padeo

3. And you can also go to the spa's in the crystal springs resort

This is the out side of it.

Some land forms that I found are: Raritan River

As it's bridges are Driscoll bridge, the Victory bridge,and more

You could go see county house Moutain

It is a really big mountain and it is also a landform.

The types of Granite is: Golden leaf, Black Galaxy ,Emerald pearl, and Ivory Brown .

This is some granite ( this is a natural resource).

Another natural resource is: Coal!!

this is all the coal I could find.

And the last resource is: zinc

this is a big hunk of Zinc.

Fun fact: Did you know that New Jersey has the most diners and shopping centers in the world!!!

This is a shopping center in New Jersey.

It also has a lot of diners, and there really cool!!!

This is like the pancake house in Kansas, but its in New Jersey.

Thank you for watching my presentation, and hope you liked it!!

This picture was just for a laugh!!! Bye!!


Created with images by mploscar - "hoboken new jersey buildings" • pedrosimoes7 - "Volution (1964) - Isaac Witkin (1936-2006)" • Tony Fischer Photography - "Rats Restaurant (Day Reflection)" • LancerE - "Can Do Fitness & Koi Spa - Forrestal Village" • rich701 - "40 shaky suspension bridge, Trenton, NJ 1912" • the_tahoe_guy - "Looking east from Bald Mountain" • - "hz0629.JPG" • flickr4jazz - "Pezao Brazilian Buffet & Grill, Long Branch (RT 36), New Jersey" • James St. John - "Zinciferous marble (Franklin Marble, Mesoproterozoic, 1.03-1.08 Ga; Sterling Hill Mine, northern New Jersey, USA) 1" • LancerE - "Hamilton Mall Food Court" • flickr4jazz - "Red Bank, New Jersey" • Alexas_Fotos - "smilies yellow funny"

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