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Week 2 Update

Trial So Far:

  • 48 Engineers now enrolled on trial, with 2 engineers due to annual leave to be added next Tuesday.
  • Completions: As a team we completed 87% of all service work last week (wk37) Of this 73% Sky Q Service work & 96% Classic. We will work to bring this figure up as close to 100% as possible. But SAT Teams will still be required to complete an element of Service Work.
  • Surveys: Over 350 completed survey's to date which is fantastic work by all. We may add an additional question in, around why they could have be resolved by previous engineers.
  • Michael Kennedy & Ashley Bishop have joined group as support from a field point of view. They will be tasked with checking visits/ onsite support & feedback to TM's and you all.

You Told Us:

  1. 17% of visit have required a Ethernet of some kind.
  2. 12% of visits could have been resolved by call centre, for various reasons
  3. 46% of visits could have been resolved by previous engineers.
  4. 19% were fixed by way of adding a booster
  5. 18% were fixed by swapping an STB (please only swap if you strongly believe this is the problem)
  6. 8% were fixed by rebuilding the Mesh

So as you see that 46% could be our opportunity in Revisit rate. Excellent information from you here. Lets see if that pulls through in the data for Revisits, which would be amazing win win for us as a team and department.

What's New?

  • ECO/ Active/ None: Some customers may watch their mini boxes between 1am and 5.45am. If so then Active or None may be the right option for them. (Software glitches previously discussed have been fixed) So you can choose the right one to meet your customers viewing habits. (please ensure all STB's are in same mode if you change)
  1. ECO: Boxes will go to sleep (red light) between 1am and 5.45am. While sleeping they will not communicate and are technically un meshed at this time. When power on at 5.45am, they will begin looking for each other.
  2. Active: Boxes will go to standby and not Sleep (Orange Light). While in this mode, boxes continue to talk and are still meshed.
  3. None: Boxes will never sleep or go into standby unless user initiates (Green Light Always). Boxes again remain meshed and continue to communicate.
  • Software Update: As of Wednesday 22nd the new Software Version Q004.001.55.19L will be available in DR Stream. Please ensure all SB's are on this version from now on. (boxes on different software may cause connectivity and stability issues)
  • Fixes in this software can be found by visiting Future Release Information on Iknow2 (click on button below)

The below are fixes included in the update. If you access Iknow2 on above link, then you will be able to click on each to find out more about that specific fix.

Samsung One Connect: These have been know to cause Interference with connectivity and some picture issues. Range of interference is suggested 1m- 1.5 m.

  1. Where possible move equipment (Mini/ Main) into safe zone (1.5m away from one connect)
  2. Alternatively turn 2.4 and 5g Wi-Fi off on affected product and hard wire a booster. Booster should then be placed in safe zone (1.5m away from One Connect)

On Demand Not Downloading As above this is a fix that should be resolved in the new software drop. If a customer you previously visited contacts you, please talk them through the software download process.

On Demand Tiles: There have been instances of Tiles not appearing and the above issue of Not Downloading occurring. This could be for a number of reasons, including the hub or third party broadband not allowing. Advice on Iknow2 for 3rd Party Hub setting (i.e.) Smart settings etc.

  1. Reset the Network Settings on all boxes and re establish the network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. If box was initially connected via Wi-Fi and now Ethernet, there could be a conflict between the requests. This should resolve with the reset.
  3. Reboot the hub if needed
  4. Worse case, factory reset the equipment and start again ( Recordings will be lost)

Installing a Booster on third party: Should you install a booster on third party hub, please ensure the following.

  1. Reset all STB's within home not just the main Q box.
  2. Hardwire the booster
  3. WPS the nearest Sky Q product to the booster.
  4. All STB's should display the ID of the first product which was WPS to booster.
  5. The Q boxes are similar to our phones in terms of remembering networks. We have all been back to a pub/club & our phone has automatically joined the Wi-Fi there. After remembering the network from the last time you visited. By resetting all the equipment, you ensure that the Q Equipment has deleted this stored info and therefore cannot reconnect to it. (which is what we want)

Did You Know?

We can hard wire a Mini box or via Password to third party broadband if it's closer to the Broadband router than the main. Things to ensure are below:

  1. Only one Sky Product should display the 2.4G connection on any given mesh
  2. If you enter a password on mini or main, then all Q Products must display the same network ID . Example BT-HUB123
  3. If you Ethernet (hardwire) a mini or main box to third party. Then the network ID will be that off the product hardwired to third party router. (this will be a Sky ID not a third party ID)
  4. To enter password or turn on Ethernet press home button to bypass initial set-up page.

Q Tech Resolution

  • Dean Shillingford had an issue where a customer who lived within Epsom college could not get On Demand & the mini box couldn't get rights to view content past the 30 day period. The issue was the college router was restricted, therefore not allowing our Q Products to talk freely to the back end systems at sky for these.
  • Phil Kelly attended with an idea of the problem and quickly wanted to understand how we get our products talking freely. On hand the customer had the IT department from the college who helped Phil workout a resolution to the issue.
  • Phil proved the boxes worked, by tethering his Ipad and showing connectivity and streaming to on demand and mini box.
  • The IT department were able to check which ports the information was travelling down to our Sky systems. Once identified they allowed these to be added to the safe filters on their broadband router. (bypassing the firewalls for the college)

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