A Day Without Women; Can You Keep Up? By: Lucy Latorre

If you can believe it, our female ancestors used to live in a world where their accomplishments were overshadowed by men. Although none of the men saw women as anything but a housemaid, they rose up from the ashes to invents things men couldn’t live without. Imagine your life without life rafts, dishwashers, globes, rolling pins, and fire escapes. To live without these is like living in a world without women.

So What Really is A Day Without Women?

A Day Without Women is a national strike across the country. On March 8th, women everywhere were taking the day off from work, shopping only at woman-owned stores and small businesses, and wearing red. The reason for this is to show the men in the world how much women do for their community. It’s already paying off.

According to CNN, “A number of businesses that say they plan to observe the day in some fashion, including by closing up shop due to a lack of workers.”

This International event is supported by millions of women, including celebrities. Do you listen to Katy Perry? Do you laugh at the jokes made by Amy Schumer? ‘Cause these ladies are in full support of this day. They’re even participating! In a recent tweet, Katy Perry stated, “Gonna be a lady in red tomorrow.” Also, in a recent post to her Instagram, Amy Schumer captures the essence of A Day Without Women.

She states, “...the day is to demonstrate the economic power and importance of women by removing them from the workplace and economy for the day.” Still not convinced why you should participate?
This is an example of a protest flyer.

Why should you join?

Have you ever been told that you run like a girl, throw like a girl, or fight like a girl? Have you ever opened your paycheck and worn a frown, while all your male co-workers smile big as the Empire State Building? These are all reasons why women need to get up and do something. A Day Without Women wasn’t made to spite men. If anything, this day shows us that no matter what gender you are, you matter in the community, whether people see it or not. And if they can’t see it, they may just need a little push.

Emma Watson, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, and Madonna at the Women's March and other women's protests.

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