Working with Masks Lessons 3 & 4

Lesson 3

  • Open the files “sc4.psd” and “gride2.psd” from the ‘Working with Masks’ folder.
  • Drag the file “sc4.psd’ onto the New Layers Icon to create a copy of it. (Fig 1a)
  • Name this layer “Gradient” (Fig 1a)
  • Click on the “Gradient” layer. Go Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.(Fig 2a)
  • Set the Hue to -32 and the Saturation to +24. Click OK. (Fig 2b)
Fig 1a
Fig 2a
Fig 2b
  • Click on the “Grid 2” file and open in Photoshop.
  • Go Select > Select all (Ctrl A PC - Cmd A Mac) then Edit > Copy. (Ctrl C - Cmd C)
  • Click on the ‘sc4.psd’ file and go Edit > Paste. (Ctrl V - Cmd C)
  • Label this new layer “Effects”. ( Fig 3)
Fig 3
  • Click on the “Effects” layer. Go Image > Adjustments > Invert
  • Go Select > Colour Range. (Fig 4)
  • Click on the largest black area (under her chin). Click OK (Fig 5)
Figure 4
Figure 5
  • You now have an active delection
  • Add a Layer Mask, by clicking on the “Add Layer Mask” icon in the layers palette.
  • Set the Blending mode to “Screen” and the opacity to 72%.
Save this file as Mask 3 in both PSD and JPG

Lesson 4 -Clipping Masks

  • Open ‘sc.1.psd’ file from the “Working with Masks” Folder. (Fig 1)
  • Copy the layer by dragging it onto the New Layers Icon in the Layers Palette.
Fig 1
  • Go Image > Adjustments > Invert
  • Go Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.
  • Set the Hue to +180.
  • Click OK
  • Open “Shape1.psd”.
  • Go Select > All, (Fig 2)
  • Edit > Copy.
  • Click on “sc1.psd”. Go Edit > Paste. (Fig 3)
  • Label this new layer “Shape 1”
Fig 2
Fig 3
  • Move the layer“Shape1” so it sits above the original back-ground layer.
  • Now hold down the ALT KEY (PC) Option Key (Mac) and position the mouse pointer on the line that divides the layers “Background Copy” and “Shape 1”. NOTICE: The shape that appears.
  • Left click mouse.
  • We are creating a “clipping group”.
  • The 'background copy' now appears superimposed on the original 'background' via the shape layer.
Save the completed image in both PSD and JPEG
Completed image
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