Punisher MAX Summary by: Graydon Koger

Punisher MAX tells the story of Frank Castle's tragic losses as well as his last days. The Punisher takes on Elektra, Bullseye, a corrupt police force, and other hitmen while on the trail of the Kingpin, a myth created by major criminal organizations to throw Castle off their trail. The Kingpin quickly becomes all too real. The threat turns out to be unlike anything else Frank has ever faced, and eventually costs him his life. The death of the Punisher sparks an uprising in cities nationwide, as people begin purging cities of criminals.

Jason Aaron- American comic book writer from southern Alabama, known for runs on Thor, Punisher Max, Scalped, Doctor Strange, Star Wars, Wolverine, and several Image comics titles.

Justice- Frank Castle's war on crime has always been a very controversial issue, and in this story we see a more detailed look at his life as well as the police force, who have constantly played both sides of the vigilante discussion, turn on Punisher and begin hunting him.

Resolution- A theme not frequently seen in Punisher comics, we see the end of Frank Castle's story, as it ends with his death. However, Frank's death causes people to take up arms and begin purging the streets of criminals nationwide. Rest in peace, Frank, you've earned it.


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