The great hamster massacre By: Katie davies

Main idea: Three kids named Anna, Tom, and Suzanne and they really want a hamster, but their mom won't let them have one and she gives them reasons why! So they get a hamster and that's when the massacre starts!

Characters and character traits: Anna is very independent because if someone bails out on her, she won't stop! Tom is very loving because he is little and does whatever he can do to help! Suzanne is very uncopertive because she doesn't get along very well with her parents.

About the book: genre:mystery/realistic fiction, Author : Katie Davies. You will like this book if you like a laugh and mysterious things!



Created with images by Marcin Chady - "Toffee" • Eljay - "scampi" • Checo Che - "Mechita le pidió semillas de girasol..." • wagnerarts - "angora hamster black rodent"

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