South Auckland StereoTypes My Story


South Auckland, has forever been stereo typed as socio-economically disadvantaged, also dangerous and gang affiliated (Fresno-Calleja, 2016). The so called dangerous neighbourhood has been home to some of New Zealand's most highly acknowledged athletes, singers, actors and to some of New Zealand's top achieving schools. This presentation will consist of stories from people who have broken the stereotypes and pad it back to the community of South Auckland, and also my personal story of how I feel about South Auckland and the perception the outside world has on it.

My family migrated to South Auckland New Zealand from Samoa in hope of a better future for me. I have experienced many challenges growing up in South Auckland I have faced many challenges, the biggest challenge i have and continue to face is the issue of stereotypes. I have been judged countless times because of where i come from and not because of what I have done.

South Auckland has one of the highest crime rate in New Zealand (Nakhid, 2012). The crime in South Auckland would always outweigh the good that South Auckland has had to offer, with successful schools, athletes, diverse culture, and some of New Zealand's popular tourist attractions.

Being raised in the heart of South Auckland I have seen the truth, and I have experienced the stereotypes that have restricted our youth from unleashing their potential. South Auckland people will always be judged, for where they come from, but it is up to the individual to use that as motivation or as restriction.

Kevin Mealamu, New Zealand's most capped Super rugby player, was born and raised in South Auckland. Kevin Mealamu is one of 6 All blacks centurions, being a Samoan boy raised in South Auckland, Kevin would have experienced his fair share of stereotypes growing up. This man is a perfect example of resilient, facing many injuries during his All Black career, Kevin played a total of 133 test matches for the team. He now stands as well respected All Black, and a role model to South Auckland Youth.

This video is evident of a young South Auckland boy, and his true intentions with life. A successful actor in New Zealand this video tells the story of Beulah Koale and where he comes from, which is South Auckland. Yet another Individual breaking the stereotypes and putting South Auckland on the map positively.

To conclude, Stereo Types will forever exist if we as people live by it. I have journeyed through education doing the best I can to break the stereotypes and show the world what a boy from South Auckland can do. Thanks to the role models I have seen, I am able to follow along and achieve what they have achieved in my own ways. South Auckland has had it's ups and downs, but what people must understand is, that it is only the minority. Do not judge people through the actions of others. Do not judge a book by it's cover. I will continue to slowly break the stereotypes. I believe that one day I will make it, and that day is a day to look forward too.

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