Catering 2 Brayden rizzi

About me

My favorite thing to cook is steak because I like how you can season it and make it in very different ways.

This is a scone that we made, we are learning about dough so this relates to what we are doing with the outside of the scone.

this is a chop cut that we used to make our pizza pies.

This is brownies we made, to learn about baking, and trying to get use to our new ovens.
This is a chop cut on the red tomato, a dice on the onion and a mince on the spiniach
This is an apple pie. we did this to learn about baking crust.
We also made garlic bread sticks. This was for our dough unit learning about what texture you want and the shape of it.
We also made a Tomato pie. This is to learn the process of making crust!
This is a spice called oregano. This is my favorite spice to use, because for one it smells good and also, it adds a very strong flavor to foods such as itallian. I use it by usually mixing it with olive oil and put it onto the food.
This is a dish from thailand. We learned about how simple spices give of very big flavor and can change a dish.
We also made a calzone. This was to learn about dough, and how delecate it really is and what flavor it brings.
We made a hollandaise sauce to learn about altitude and how it affects how the egg cooks, you need to be carful to get the right sauce and make sure it doesent burn.
this is egg drop soup that we made to find the right amount of time to cook the egg with our high altitude.
this is broccoli chedder soup that we made, to make the roux we hade to fing the right time and heat to cook that matches the altitude
We made school store muffins today.
We made sushi to learn about cultures and there food

this is a greek salad which we made in our culture unit

This is hummus we made in class also to learn abiut culture.


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