Fax Machine By Samuel Jiang

Fax machine, also refers as telefacsimile or a telefax, is a telephonic machine that transfers scanned printed materials.

The first fax machine was invented by a Scottish inventor called Alexander Bain.

The role of fax machine within the computer system is to sending and receiving documents that contains images and texts.

The fax machine works by transferring the documents from computer use a wire or wireless.

The data in the fax machine is being transferred by TELEPHONIC waves to another fax machine and the other user can print it out.

Created By
Jiang Samuel


Created with images by Helge V. Keitel - "The fax machine" • Collin Anderson - "Anyone want a fax machine?" • ITU Pictures - "1968-00" • BrotherUK - "Fax machines: technology which frustrates pharmacists"

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