Bakery Wonderland

My Bakery Wonderland will be located in New York City.
I will have sweets and little snacks for people who want a little something and can run by and get a small fresh little snack for themselves.
I will have baked breaded goods as well for anyone who is wanting a little something to take home to there family or something.
I will also have breakfast goods for people who are in a hurry to work and didn't have time to make something at home so they can run by and get good fresh breakfast that will be ready for you when you walk in.
This is my Logo. When people walk in i want them to have that feeling you have when you go to your grandmas house and she is baking. A warm welcoming feeling. I want my Bakery Wonderland to portrait a clean and comforting look. I want people to think "This is a really warm nice and clean bakery and i really like it". I want my bakery to be the go to place everyday for people.

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