Military/Naval Supremacy 1. How were the British supreme? 2. What were some of the weapons they used? 3. What were the ships they used? Matthew woodring 7th

The British in the Victorian era had the philosophy that to be successful in the long run you needed to have peace (BBC Victorian Britain) which is what most people today believe. However, as we all know, this doesn’t always work out. In the case that the British in Victorian England needed to go to war, they had the power and experience to be successful in combat, they had the military weapons and policy’s to be successful, and they had powerful boats in their navy to have an edge in combat.

The British at this time had been through many arduous wars and various other conflicts so they had the know-how about war and winning them and they also had the power to win other wars they were involved in. The British during this time period had "amassed over one-fifth of the land area on earth" (Victorian Era Military) through their superior army and navy. Their army was one of the most formidable and strongest army’s in the world and was all the way through the Victorian era and up to this day and their navy was one of the most feared and powerful navy's the world had ever seen. The British army had been involved in many wars such as the Crimean war 1854-1856(Victorian Era Military), the Chinese opium wars 1839-1842(Victorian Era Military), and the Chinese boxer rebellion 1900 (Victorian Era Military). One thing all these wars had in common was the fact that they show how the British army/navy got the experience needed to be so supreme to other nations, and they all showed examples of how the British fought all over the world which further shows their supremacy. Wars are no easy thing because they take supplies, planning, coordination, and willpower to be successful in, so not only does this show the supremacy of their army, it also shows how they had been able to be "the most powerful nation on earth" (BBC Victorian Britain) and be able to control all their territory without collapsing. In short the British army in the Victorian era was a true powerhouse that controlled and expanded an empire that almost twenty five percent of the world owed allegiance to (BBC Victorian Britain).

The British also had the weapons, strategies, and policy's to be a supreme nation and army. One of the most powerful weapons at the time was the Gatling gun which was one of the first automatic weapons ever made and a more advanced version of it is used on helicopters and airplanes even today (Victorian Era Military). The Gatling gun had several barrels on it "so when the crank was turned the barrels would turn and fire off one by one" (Victorian Era Military). This was a huge advantage because many of the rifles used at the time were single shots that had to be reloaded after every single shot which obviously made a battle much harder. With this weapon at their disposal they were able to have an edge in combat over other nations that didn't possess this weaponry. Another weapon that was used in Britain at this time was the Snider-Enfield rifle which had a range of 1000-2000 yards (Victorian Era Military). This rifle at the time was one of the most advanced rifles the world had ever seen because it had a very large effective firing range and had a faster reload speed than other comparable guns at the time. These weapons further enabled the British army to reign supreme on both a continental and world scale. The British also had very effective policy’s that helped them to be superior to other countries. One of these policy's was the policy that men were expected to serve in the military and even if they didn't volunteer many were forced to serve in the military (BBC Victorian Britain). This policy allowed the country to have an adequate amount of soldiers to be able to be fight in wars without having to worry too much on if they would have enough troops to continue on. Britain in the Victorian era had been evolving and adapting to become a very powerful nation through weapon advancements and effective military policy's.

Lastly, the British had such supremacy because of their navy that consisted of many very strong and advanced boats (Royal Navy). The British had been growing and advancing their ships with new technology as well as mitigating old problems in their fleet (Royal Navy). Some of these fixes included armor plating the warships, adding better guns and cannons to the boat, and making the ships made of stronger materials than just wood so they would be harder to sink. With these fixes and advancements the British navy became superior to every other country on earth, although they weren't fully unrivalled "any naval challenges were effectively dealt with" (Royal Navy). The British had many new boats created as well such as the HMS Warrior in 1861 which was "the first of two 40-gun steam-powered armored frigates" (Royal Navy), and the HMS Royal Sovereign in 1891 which was the "largest warship ever created" (Royal Navy). These boats were the first of their kind and that was a huge advantage for the British because it allowed them to control the seas which at that time was where a large majority of supplies were sent and received from and where many battles occurred. The British also had their fair-share of battles in the sea during the Victorian era. One of these battles was the attack on the Syrian city of acre (Royal Navy) which was the closing of a British campaign to "limit the power of Mehmet, the Vice-Roy of Egypt" (Royal Navy). With the British navy having such good advancements to their ships the battle was an overwhelming win for the British who defeated Mehmet's strong navy and well-defended city (Royal Navy). The British navy during the Victorian early was the most powerful navy in the world and during that time was setting the course for an even stronger navy to come.

The Victorian era was a great time in history because of all the advancements--specifically made in the military and navy that were made during queen Victoria's reign. Britain during this time had become one of the most supreme nations on the face of the earth because of their military and naval supremacy, without the British military and naval supremacy of this time who knows what the world of today might have been like.

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