National sports day April 27-1

National sports day is a day where people all over the world would come to one place and compete in a sport they would love to play.⚽️🏉
Everyone would get these days off work or school and still get paid 😆🤣
All sports including softball, baseball, soccer, basketball, swimming etc. would be played by the people that played them⚾️⚾️⚽️🏀🏊
People can come and watch in person or watch on t.v. People can come and camp for free on camp grounds🚍🚍
People who didn't play sports that wanted to participate in the games they could but they would have to pay a very small fee💵💵
For the sports u wouldn't have to bring any aquitment, but for swimming u have to bring a suit also everyone has to bring there own clothes🤽‍♀️
I chose this day because I love to play sports and I think that everyone should have a chance to try something new and they could be awesome at it or they could suck. If you try something and u don't like it and your not good don't be mad just try another thing. I try almost every sport out there and I'm pretty bad at most of them but I didn't quit I kept going. Practice makes everything!!

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