Problems with iron supplementation? and what to do

The first thing to ask is: How do I pick the right one, there are many out there?

Is it efficient?

Is it convenient for me?

Is it safe?

Heme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly.

In a normal diet heme iron from meat products play s large role. Efficacy in the supplements is good and there is an extremely good record of tolerance.

Will I tolerate the supplementation?

The second thing to ask is: Will I tolerate this? Many of my friends have stomach pains and problems with iron medications.

The tolerance of heme iron in iron deficiency therapy studies is always at placebo level.

Lower than this is impossible, even pure water can give “stomach effects” to some people.

One tablet per day. At any time

Another question: Is the dosage convenient for me?

Many medications and supplements have to be taken up to three times per day. They also have other restrictions around food and drink, even to the point of “Do not lie down for 10 minutes after taking this product (Proferrin)”, precautions about medical condition and possible interactions with other medication.

For example with chronics non-heme iron therapy sooner or later is no longer tolerated and has to be replaced with intravenously given iron.

This happens at a clinic, is painful and restricts for instance traveling. It is also very expensive and the side-effect of intravenous iron is oxidative stress on the organism, which may even be fatal.

The answer

Heme iron therapy has none of these problems. Dosage is once per day and there are no interactions with food or drink or other medications.

Since we humans are omnivores our bodies are programmed to use natural hemoglobin from animal sources as the main pool if iron in the diet. It is taken up much more efficiently using a different mechanism than plant-sourced or synthetic forms of iron, so-called non-heme iron.

Heme iron in food supplements have been used in large scale in Scandinavia since the 1970-ies.

However, no serious side-effects or poisonings have ever been reported in a massive user base since, and in clinical trials both efficacy and tolerance are outstanding in comparison.

Today the OptiFer® series can be considered containing only natural heme iron as the active ingredient (years ago most “heme iron”-tablets contained over 90 % of the iron as non-heme).

The OptiFer series is well-documented, safe, natural and very efficient.

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Michael Collan, NutriCare Division, MediTec Group


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