Starting to work in our exhibition groups - Reflection

Starting to work in our exhibition groups Reflection

  • How do you feel about your group? Do you think your group will work well?

I think my group will work well as we have planned what are we going to do in our Spring Break. We have decided to work on our first line of inquiry, "Forms of Dance." We decided to work on 2 dance forms in the vacation. We are working very well in our group.

  • What do you think, will be the 3 biggest challenges for your group?
  • I think, the 3 biggest challenges are -

1. Working together

2. Covering all 3 strands (we thought that we should choose all three strands)

3. Time Management

  • 3. Two things you are excited about/looking forward to doing?

Working on the first line of inquiry

Setting up stalls for exhibition

Black Hat Reflection

List Down 4 things you are having trouble with in your group -


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