Journey Log 10 Alex Clark - Clark_13 - Builder

Habits Used: Engagement

I spent most of my week last week working on the Minecraft Technical Manual. Being the guild leader, I engaged with the people in my group so that they would give me what I needed so that we can have a manual. Heather and I put the information into the website so that the class could see what they helped to create.

This process got annoying very quick. I honestly felt that some of the people did not fully engage in what I asked them to do. I know that we share the grade, for the most part, but some of the people, could have done some more on their respective sections. The real kicker is that I am included in that group as well. While I contributed to the group as a whole with the organization, my personal part was lacking some creativity. However, the second group can fill in some details.

All the people in the class bring their contributions for the Manual
Each person did their own thing.
I, and Heather put those materials into a final concept.
There is still some work to make it into the final product.


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