Anger Recounts by Pukeko Nest

When I am angry I go to my bedroom. I sleep and then I went out the door. My face was red and my eyes are half closed. My face is all scrunched. Your inside is bad. You need to shout outside. You need to keep away from your dog. Your dog might eat your ice-cream. I know that you can be angry. I go to my bedroom and calm down. I take a deep breath. Ethan

When I get angry at my sister does not play with me! When I feel better I watch Inside Out. When someone has kicked me at school, Lucy tries to calm me down. Emily C

When I pick up a picture and it is my sisters she gets angry. I give it back. I took Pop for a motorbike ride and I went too fast and Poppy got angry. Charlie

If someone rips my picture. If someone steals stuff. If someone is being mean to me. If someone makes me so mad. They all make me angry, I calm down and watch a movie. Sam H

I get angry when Liam takes my toys. I tell my mum. Amelia

I don't like going to the shop with my mum. I am angry. I take a big breath. Kyla

I get angry when other people are grumpy at me. What stops me from being angry, I take a deep breath and I count to 100. Scarlett

When my mum,Jenni tells me to go to bed but I don't want to, I get mad. I think and then I go back to playing. Maximus

I get mad when my brother Jack breaks things. It takes me a long time to do things. Like when he broke my music box by my bed. I feel happy when I cuddle with my mum and my favourite teddy on the couch. Stella

Don't get angry because it will grow. You will go to your room yourself. Just be happy. If you calm down then you will be happy. Then you will be out of your room. Then mum will be a little bit mad but you will be outside playing for good. Then Leo bit me by my eye. I got a cold flanel where Leo bit me. I was mad at Leo. Cody

When I feel mad I go to my bedroom to have time out. I calm down. I feel better when play my game. When my brother pushes me I feel madness. My face feels red. Archer

My brother teases me and pulls my hair. Lotti

I feel sad and angry when my big brother breaks my toys. I get angry with him. I hug my mum, I hold her tight. Archie

I don't like shopping and I don't like baths. I want to sleep and I was happy. Eva

When I am angry I have a deep breath. I feel angry when my brother talks when I am sleeping. I look like my teeth are gritted. Sometimes I feel angry, so I go find a secret quiet place. Maia

When my dad says "Go to your room!" Then I calm down. I take a big breath and my dad lets me out. Max

When I am angry my mummy gives me a hug. I go to my room and have a deep breath in my room. My mum comes to my bedroom and says why she was angry to me. I say I want a cuddle from my mum and dad. Sam M

I am angry when my dog bites me. I bleed. I am angry with her. I hurt her back. Dad told the dog off. Naughty dog!! Dylan

I feel angry when I ask my dad to help me and he doesn’t help me build my lego. Okay, I will build it on my own. Ben

At my birthday Ashley screamed at me. It made me angry. I went to my bedroom. I had a big breath. Ella

I get mad. I don't like showers. I have a big breath. Ngarutoa

When my mum and dad tells me to go into the shower I get angry. When my mum and dad tells me to get in the shower and when Max and Lucy annoy me. I go to my room and I cuddle up into my bed too. Annie

I am angry when my dog eats my sushi. My face goes red. When my swimming pool is closed it makes me mad. I have to take a big breath.Annabel

First when I am angry, I go to my room and shout. I am angry sometimes too from my mum, dad and little sister. Because my little sister and my max makes me cross too. My sister annoys me too much. When I lay down, it makes me happy. Emily K

I get angry from Bella scratching me. I put my toys on me. I go to mummy. I tell her and Bella says sorry. It is sorted out. Mummy kisses me. I get happy. I laugh. It is so funny. Mummy laughs too. Indigo

I am angry when my brother hits me. I sit on my bed and take a big breath. Lucy

When I feel angry, my baby broke my teddy. I feel angry. I go to my bedroom. I go to my kitchen and I drink some water. I feel better and I feel better and happy. Narges

I am angry when my brother pulls my hair. I yell at him. Emmy

Anger is good. Hitting is not good. I get mad when the dog runs away. She comes back with the ball that makes her follow me. Troy

I am angry when mum sends me to bed. Zak

My brother breaks my lego. He gets told off. I feel angry and mum says "Maddocks ! Go to your room". I go to my room to calm down. Orion

Angry is when I get grumpy at my brother when he pulls my hair. Bridie

I get angry when my sister breaks my stuff, I get angry and mad. When my sister breaks my lego pieces. I look red in the face. I have to have a drink of water. Esme

My baby broke my lego. I get angry. Levi

My brother broke my blocks. I was angry. I squeeze lemons. Kushal

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