Principles of Design Jada HudsoN



repeated elements of art: shapes, color, textures, lines, forms, values


how the elements are arranged to direct the viewers eye throughout the art


balance refers to the ways in which the elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) of a piece are arranged


The elements in art need to be varied but harmonious. Ex. Different width lines, various selection of sizes with the shapes, different shades of a color, etc.


One aspect of the picture stands out.


Purposefully leaving aspects of the original out as you draw or paint

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Jada Hudson


Created with images by Daria-Yakovleva - "window house retro" • tanakawho - "Repetion" • TheUjulala - "feuertanz feuerpoi poi" • real-napster - "highway night photograph lights" • Wokandapix - "glass broken shards" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA's MESSENGER Satellite Captures Spectacular Color Mosaic of Mercury" • Chirs Trevena - "Emphasis"

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