Ellen Gates Starr the progressive era

Ellen Starr co-founded the Hull House in 1889.
Starr and Jane Addams founded Hull House together in Chicago.
She lived and worked at the Hull House for nearly 30 years.
She was born in 1859, in 1929 she became paralyzed from the waist down after an operation to remove a spinal absess, and she died in 1940.
"The worst thing about these crowded districts is the fact of there being no private places for dancing. Young people will dance. These people cannot do it in private houses - hence public balls. Why not a dance where the amusement could be indulged in innocently and without danger?" - Ellen Starr
Is Muckraking an effective tool to reform American politics and society?
Yes it is,in 1888, Starr traveled with Addams, whom she had met at the Rockford Female Seminary, to a London social settlement where they educated young people who worked toward social reform by living among the urban poor.
Progressive Era: Ellen Gates Starr, Co-founder of Hull House

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