Population in India by : noa bar oz

At the beginning I had to choose our topics. I chose to check the population in India. I chose the years 1961-2015.

The first step was to search for information and make a table in Desmos . After I had to make a graph with the information.

this calculate gave me the lines of each time
the graph without the orange line.

the data

the black line and the table
the green line and the table
the blue line and the table

The second step and the most fun step-I had to calculate what is the slope of each line and what is the y-intercept of each line.

the calculation of the blue line
the calculation of the black line
the calculation of the green line.

then I had to calculate what will be the population in 2067 and in 2112. I made a line (the orange line) and then I knew what will be the population. I think the population in India will stop in 3,710 years because the population will be more then 4 Billion people and I think India won't be big enough to have more then 4 billion people.

the future...
this orange line can tell me what will be the population in Indian in the future.

Thank you

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